About Martin…

As a qualified Music Teacher, I have over ten years of experience of working with a huge range of children and young people, and helping them achieve their musical potential. I have taught Guitar, Bass and Drum Kit for over ten years, and have worked with Secondary, Primary, 6th form and Special Schools during this time.

I specialise in teaching modern musical genres, and music making. I have a long history of supporting secondary schools with GCSE course work, and in instrumental exams I have a 100% pass rate.

I teach using the ‘Rock School’ Syllabus as my frame work, which is an approved qualification.

I have a vast experience of working with pupils with SEN, and have successfully with schools in the past to ensure all barriers are minimised to allow these pupils to musically thrive.

I am an active musician playing guitar and drums in funk bands in the Bath area.

What I help people achieve

I have an 100% pass rate with all my pupils when it comes to instrumental exams.

I have supported one secondary school in Bath maintain 100% A-C grades for well over ten years.

My retention rate is extremely high, and am lucky enough to have parents and teachers thanks me for my efforts to inspire and support the children in their communities.

Opportunities for children & young people

  • To learn to play an instrument and / or develop skills on an instrument
  • To create / write music and / or lyrics
  • To develop recording /production skills
  • To play, perform music with others
  • To learn things about oneself , other subjects or life-skills through musical activity
  • To work with and support other young musicians

Teaching Times

  • Term Time
  • After School

Working with special needs

I have worked with pupils with a whole spectrum of mild, moderate and complex needs. I am dedicated for my practice to be as inclusive as possible, and am always working hard to ensure EVERYONE, is working towards personal achieveable goals.